A perfect bride

When I meet a bridal party on the wedding morning it’s truly magical time!Everyone get ready, make up, hair, dresses and you can see the transformation happening. Ladies look lovely and so excited.

It is also a busy time, just imagine 5 or 8 or sometimes even more ladies in one room, giggles and happy tears…and I’m in the middle of all that keeping my hand steady as I apply liner and a set of fake lashes.

Once I finished my job and touch ups I’m leaving my bride to let her celebrate her Big Day. Job done but many of them stay in touch, many come back to book me for make up for other occasions etc etc. I feel quite emotional when I can see professional photos of my brides. It is like a test of my work, a display of my skills and talent.

Hayley was one the most beautiful brides you could wish for and she looks amazing in her photos!

I really love my job!

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